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Probate Administration

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Probate Administration

Florida Probate Attorney

Compassionate Asset Protection For Your Family in Florida

When assets are not protected through the proper legal vehicles, they can be subjected to probate following the owner’s passing. Most people do not have good experiences with probate. During the proceedings, the government takes possession of the most important and valuable assets in order to pay off taxes and other debts. If your family’s property is undergoing probate, call Daniels Law, P.A. for aggressive representation to fight for what belongs to you.

Do All Estates Have to Go Through Probate in Florida?

While estate planning is the most effective way to avoid having assets go into probate, people don’t always identify everything they need to, leaving unaccounted assets subject to liquidation. If the decedent owed money to any creditors, it is during probate that they are notified about the debtor’s passing.

Don’t let the government liquidate your family’s important belongings. Contact a Florida probate attorney at Daniels Law, P.A. by calling (239) 214-6010 or contacting us online.

Once creditors make requests for debt repayment, the estate executor will be responsible for vetting their claims and paying out a settlement. A probate attorney can help to fight these claims and ensure your family’s property is protected.

Other important items to consider are:

  • To whom the remaining property will be distributed
  • Whether or not the taxes assessed are valid
  • How assets will be distributed to minors
  • Filing tax returns
  • Accurately identifying the value of estate assets

These are not simple matters. They require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the law. Make sure you have an experienced Florida probate attorney on your side.

How We Can Help Protect Your Assets in Florida

During your initial consultation, we can discuss what your family is going through and examine the problems introduced by probate. This legal process can often be an aggressive and emotional experience for families. By having an advocate on your side, you can prevent some of the confusion that leads to frustration. Let Daniels Law, P.A. help you protect your family’s assets.

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